"...Anne’s painting rediscovers the beauty of the original and primitive. Thus, at home or at work, she appears all the more surprising – as the great city where the technological structure of today’s world has erased older forms from the horizon. Anne affirms that they are still alive. Still more, she says it with her paintings, which have such magic and beauty that it reconciles us with ways of life now extinct.

Attached to these discoveries, she adopts a style which suits them. This is where the apex of her art lies. Her painting reinvents a pure style of knowledge and of knowing, to unfold itself into the melodic line of things. To capture the local colour, she studies it closely. To create distances, she looks at them as from a bird’s eye view. Duccio or the Limbourg brothers: Pol, Jehanequin and Hermand proceeded exactly the same way.
Anne Guyonneau shows us a magic rediscovered through the ways of old. Through her paintings she evokes the sound of lutes, the vibrations of the rebeck and the beating of the tambourine, accompanied by flutes and castanets.
To contemplate her paintings is to arrive at a fiesta."
By Victor Carvacho Herrera(*)
(*)Professor, critic and historian of the visual arts, member of the International Association of Arts Critics – AICA – UNESCO,Paris ;
University of Chile, University of Chicago, School of the Art Institute of Chicago;
Selection and Academic Counselling Institute of the Getulio Vargas Foundation, Rio do Janeiro, Brasil

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